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Our South Carolina and Georgia Fabrication Shops are here to meet all of your needs with quality workmanship and rush service. Coupled with our stock listing department in North Carolina, we are able to meet competitive prices and serve as your one-stop shop for your next job.

All of our fabrication procedures are second to none.

    • All welds undergo a thorough inspection process before being placed in the cart.
    • All welded lines and mains are bundled together. A1, A2, A3, A4, etc are in one bundle so your installers can hang pipe efficiently.
    • All threaded pipe is tied by line.
    • All nipples 0’-4” through 6” are made on. 0’-31/2” and under are doped and   hand-tightened.
    • All small pipe is bagged with the bags clearly labeled with which pipe is inside.
    • Hangers are all labeled according to your ID.
    • Short pipe, hangers and loose material are all shipped in pallet-size boxes with job number and color code.
    • All pipe is color coded, properly, according to your request.

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All pricing information is managed through When you email us, we will set you up with an account that will provide access to the relevant pricing information.

Delivery Options

      • Tractor Trailer with Moffett
      • Tractor Trailer without Moffett
      • Dually with Gooseneck Trailer
      • Straight Truck

    We have dedicated staff in our Blackstock, SC location confirming fab deliveries and notifying the customer of back orders before the job ships.

    Contact for fabrication and for supply sales.